Corn Maze

We debate the design of the maze every year for about 6 months, and then we let Jim Anderson have his way. Our maze designer, Shawn Stolworthy of Mazeplay in Firth, ID comes out to our farm every year in early June and cuts the maze. Shawn is the person with the GPS technical know-how to actually get the maze designed and cut when the corn is 6” tall. He puts the GPS system on his tractor and goes to work. It takes only ONE day to cut our 25-acre corn maze with its 9 miles of trail!!

Category: Corn Maze

The maze consists of 4 separate mazes. Together they total over 8 miles of trail across 25 acres. To put that into perspective, an acre is a little smaller than a football field!

Category: Corn Maze

Each maze contains 6 numbered stations that correspond to the numbered boxes at the bottom of the maze map that you receive at the ticket booth. When you arrive at a maze station, use the paper punch attached to the post to punch the correct box on your map. Race other members of your party to complete all the punches! We also have two new smaller games for younger children. For more information about Farm Scene Investigation and Farm Scene Tracks please visit our corn maze page.

Category: Corn Maze

As long as you want! It can around two hours to complete the entire maze if you are good at reading maps. There are four sections of varied sizes so that you can choose to do one of more of the sections to fit your skill level. Farm Scene Investigation and Farms Scene Tracks are in the smallest sections and will take significantly less time to complete.

Category: Corn Maze

Yes! It is only lit by moonlight so be sure to bring a flashlight!

Category: Corn Maze

No, the maze is NEVER haunted. However, beware of the customers that are trying to haunt the maze at night. Terror in the Corn and Zombie Paintball Hunt are in a separate cornfield.

Category: Corn Maze

Yes, strollers are allowed in the maze. But, be aware that the ground is dirt, it is not flat and it can be muddy.

Category: Corn Maze

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Due to the prediction of below freezing temperatures and accumulating snow, Anderson Farms will be closed on October 25th and 26th.

Anderson Farms Fall Festival is sold out on October 24. Terror in the Corn is sold out October 23 and 24. 
Zombie Paintball Hunt tickets are still available but selling fast.  Our Final Homeschool Days on October 28th is sold out.
Walk-up tickets will not be available. Capacity at the farm is VERY LIMITED due to Colorado Covid-19 restrictions. Having a campfire or pavilion reservation does not guarantee that you will be able to get tickets into the farm.

If a date you want is sold out, keep checking. Sometimes new tickets become available. The numbers in the drop down box are the quantities available for that time slot. If 1 is your only choice, that means only 1 ticket is left for that time slot.

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