How is the corn maze created?

We debate the design of the maze every year for about 6 months, and then we let Jim Anderson have his way. Our maze designer, Shawn Stolworthy of Mazeplay in Firth, ID comes out to our farm every year in early June and cuts the maze. Shawn is the person with the GPS technical know-how to actually get the maze designed and cut when the corn is 6” tall. He puts the GPS system on his tractor and goes to work. It takes only ONE day to cut our 25-acre corn maze with its 9 miles of trail!!

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Due to the prediction of below freezing temperatures and accumulating snow, Anderson Farms will be closed on October 25th and 26th.

Anderson Farms Fall Festival is sold out on October 24. Terror in the Corn is sold out October 23 and 24. 
Zombie Paintball Hunt tickets are still available but selling fast.  Our Final Homeschool Days on October 28th is sold out.
Walk-up tickets will not be available. Capacity at the farm is VERY LIMITED due to Colorado Covid-19 restrictions. Having a campfire or pavilion reservation does not guarantee that you will be able to get tickets into the farm.

If a date you want is sold out, keep checking. Sometimes new tickets become available. The numbers in the drop down box are the quantities available for that time slot. If 1 is your only choice, that means only 1 ticket is left for that time slot.

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