Why It’s Great To Be Part of the
Terror in the Corn Team!

Terror in the Corn is a haunted house enthusiasts dream job!  We are in the business of creating family traditions and memories by providing a top notch haunted hayride and ghost town experience.  Our guests arrive expecting to have a fantastic experience and how we interact with them can make a difference.

As a Scareactor, you will be a part of the haunted experience.  Every scare, growl and scream adds to the experience of Terror in the Corn.  Many of our guests drive an hour or more for the haunt and they do not want to be left disappointed. Each actor is given a specific part to play in the show that creates a story.  Every part is important to the outcome of the guest experience.  Sound fun?

If it doesn’t, don’t apply for the job.  Every year we have more applicants than we can possibly hire, so if you’re not up to providing scares to the guests for 3-4 hours per night up to 4 nights per week, don’t apply.  Fair enough?

Please keep in mind that this job is conducted outdoors at night in the fall.  The weather in September and October can be very warm, very cold or somewhere in between.  We can have wind, rain or snow.  Be prepared to work in any of these conditions as we do not close unless it becomes unsafe for staff and customers.

This is a nighttime activity that is open from 7:00 pm to 10:00 or 11:00pm.   Occasionally a Friday or Saturday night may last later than 11:30pm if there are customers still in line. Staff is expected to arrive at 6:00 pm for make up and costuming and must stay until the last customer has gone through the show.


Download an Seasonal Employment Application and drop it off at the farm office, fax it to 303-828-4930, email to jobs@andersonfarms.com or mail to the address below.

Anderson Farms
6728 County Road 3 1/4
Erie, CO 80516

All applications will be reviewed and we will call qualifying applicants to schedule and interview beginning in mid August.

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