Frequently Asked Questions

What is Terror in the Corn?
Terror in the Corn is Colorado’s only Haunted Hayride & Ghost Town experience. Our 35 minute three part haunt is one you won’t soon forget. Part one takes you on a hayride into the corn field, while passing ominous scenes of what’s to come. Part two drops you off into the middle of the cornfield. You must walk on a single path past scary scenes and hidden ghouls. The third and final part takes you through our haunted ghost town. The entire walking portion is on a single path. This is not in the maze and you will not get lost.

Is there an age limit?
We do not recommend Terror in the Corn for children under 7, but we leave the decision up to the parents. Experience has told us that you can be 35 years old and freaked out where the 8 year old comes out and says, “ah, it’s no big deal!” (Of course he was hanging on to Dad the whole time). So, it really depends on how well your child likes being scared.

Are the chainsaws real?
Yes, the chainsaws are real, but they are modified to not cut anything. They are for noise only, and the actors are not allowed to touch you.

Is this activity wheelchair accessible?
Yes! We have a wagon that has a ramp on the back that can take you on the first part of the ride. The paths in the corn and in the ghost town are wide enough for a wheelchair. Please let us know upon arrival should you need this wagon.

When can I expect longer lines at the farm?
The most popular weekends to visit the farm are the three weekends before Halloween in October as long as the weather is nice. Saturday nights have the longest lines for Terror in the Corn and Zombie Paintball Hunt. Thursday and Sunday nights have much shorter lines. Friday nights are generally slower than Saturdays but busier than Thursdays and Sundays. Halloween night is typically a slower day for these attractions. On our busiest nights, we recommend being in line by 7:00 PM or purchasing a Quick Pass.

If I’m still in line at closing time will I get to go on the ride?
Yes, anyone who has purchased a ticket by closing time and is in line will get to go on the ride.

I want to do Fall Festival and Terror in the Corn. Do I need to purchase both tickets?
No, the Fall Festival ticket is included in any Terror in the Corn, Zombie Paintball Hunt or Terror/Zombie Combo ticket.

Do you ever close for bad weather?
Safety of our staff and customers is of the highest priority here at the farm.  We do our best to stay open during advertised hours but sometimes mother nature does not cooperate with us.  When considering closing, we look at road conditions, temperature and the level of mud on the property.  Please keep in mind that on a day following a storm it may be warm and dry on the paved roads but very muddy on the farm.  Our parking lot, main yard and all wagon trails are dirt and/or gravel. Sometimes it is not safe to run our wagons in the mud and we may choose to close part or all of the farm’s activities until conditions improve.  We will post any closures on our website, facebook page and twitter account as soon as any closure is determined.

I want to work for Terror in the Corn.  Who should I contact?
Please visit our Employment Page for more information.

More questions?

Please let us know your questions or comments about our farm by contacting us.

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